Frequently Asked Questions

Which course is for me?

The course option you need to undertake is determined by your intended career outcome. The best option is to speak to a Fernwood Learning education and career advisors for a no obligation chat to discuss your aims and ambitions on graduation. In brief the outcomes are the following when you study with Fernwood Learning*:

  • SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness- Gymnasium Instructor (Fitness Coach/Member Motivator), Group Fitness Instructor, Older adult instructor

  • SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness- Personal Trainer, Young People Trainer, Children’s Trainer

*Please note these outcomes are specific to the Fernwood Learning course. Studying with other training organisations may mean different outcomes and a smaller scope of practice.


What happens when I finish the course?

Upon completion of your course you will be a qualified in the areas identified above and within the Learner Handbook for each qualification. It is recommended when complete that you register with Fitness Australia in the categories relevant to your course completion. Through your registration you can also access insurance to cover you for your work in the industry.

If you would like to know more about work options then please contact an Education and Course Advisor at Fernwood Leaning for more information


Is my qualification recognised throughout Australia?

It certainly is, but is also transferable overseas when you register with Fitness Australia. So when you graduate you are not limited to working at a Fernwood club, in fact many of our graduates work for other gyms and even run their own businesses.

Take your qualifications to Europe, South Africa, the USA, the Middle East or New Zealand. With group exercise included in your certificate III you can even work on cruise ships, travelling the world with your qualifications.


What time is required?

This is a common question and is variable to every student depending on their prior knowledge, previous study experience, available time to study, as well as other factors. You have a year to complete each of the Certificate III and IV in Fitness, but may finish sooner. To finish in 12 months you will need to spend 10-15 hours on average each week studying.

Be aware of short courses… The national standards state that a certificate III should take around a year and a certificate IV around 6-12 months, so beware of courses advertising faster completion times. The regulators are hot on courses they describe as “Unduly short courses” where the volume of learning is insufficient to achieve the qualification. Completion of an “unduly short course” can even lead to the cancelation of your certificate after completion if ASQA, the national regulator determines your study to have been inadequate to achieve the qualification.


How is the course delivered?

There is a mix of online learning and practical/placement experience. Theory components are delivered online, making it easy for students to maintain a flexible study timetable moving into their practical on completion.

Student have work placement as part of each qualification where they will complete a minimum number of hours depending on the qualification, as well as assessment tasks. Students also have access to practical workshops running through the year where they will undertake training and assessment in practical activities.

It is expected throughout the course you are regularly attending the gym and trying different forms of exercise, training techniques and exercises.


Why should I study my course through Fernwood Learning?

As a leading employer in the health and fitness industry, Fernwood knows what it takes to be a great fitness professional. Fernwood Fitness has been in operation for more than 25 years and currently employs over 2,500 people. Fernwood Learning is the only provider of Fitness Courses within Australia directly associated with a network of health clubs.

Fernwood Learning is focused on delivering quality certified training by experienced instructors. Our courses are informative and our training staff are highly qualified and skilled to assist you with your studies. Students have access to an industry leading online platform where they may access video lectures, demonstrations, reading material, activities, a detailed exercise library and many other resources.

Take a tour of our online platform click here


Can I get a job with Fernwood at the end of my course?

Completing a course with us is your first foot in the door to an exciting career. You will have all the qualifications for employment in Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs. There is no guaranteed job at the end of the course however Fernwood Clubs are always looking for motivated fitness professionals. Careers information and work placement are included in the course to give you the best opportunity to seek employment and achieve a rewarding career within the industry.

For information on current available jobs at Fernwood, please visit our employment section.


Can I do my work placement in a Fernwood Club?

Fernwood Learning will assist you to find a suitable work placement at a Fernwood Women's Health Club, however cannot guarantee availability at preferred times or locations. Enquiries for work placement at a Fernwood Club may be made directly through your local club or through Fernwood Learning. Requests for work placement at a gym other than Fernwood may incur an additional fee should a facility report be required by a qualified workplace trainer. Gyms other than Fernwood may also not be appropriate depending on the facilities, personnel and services they provide.


How much does a course cost?

Fee information is included in the Learner Handbook provided prior to enrolment. We offer interest free payment plans designed to work around your lifestyle and financial commitments.

Course fees must be paid by a deposit and instalment plan, Fernwood Learning do not accept more than $1500 in advance on any course fees.


Is funding available?

Funding eligibility is dependent on individual circumstances. Funding is available through Traineeships as well as a Centrelink Allowance for eligible students. Our Education and Career Advisors can point you in the right direction to determine your eligibility.


Do I need to be fit to do the courses?

To study the Certificate III and/or IV in Fitness there is no fitness requirement. However the course is physical in nature, where you will be expected to regularly participate in gym programs, demonstrate exercises and deliver classes or group sessions. It is highly recommended you are regularly attending the gym and have at least a good base level of fitness.


What are the IT and resource requirements to undertake the course?

The Learner Handbook for each qualification explains the equipment and IT requirements for undertaking the course. In general though, for the Certificate III and IV in Fitness you will require access to a gym, a variety of people to act as your clients, as well as a qualified and experienced personal trainer to act as your mentor. For the Certificates III and IV in Fitness, as well as Certificate IV in Weight Management you will require a computer with internet connection (fast enough to stream videos and upload assessments), Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Acrobat, as well as a video recording device (digital camera or smart phone will suffice). You may complete much of the study on a smart phone or tablet, however it will be difficult to complete assessment tasks without a laptop or computer.


How do I enrol?

To kick-start your enrolment process, contact one of Education and Career Advisors who can walk you through the requirements and process involved.

Enrolment is not guaranteed. All applicants must complete a pre-training review prior to enrolment to determine their suitability for the course. If you are not suitable our Education and Career Advisors will be able to refer you to a suitable pathway to adequately prepare you for enrolment in the future.

When you have decided the time is right for you to enrol, our Education and Career Advisors will provide you with the following documents:

  1. Pre-Training Review

  2. Learner Handbook

  3. Enrolment Form/Enrolment link

Contact one of our education and career advisors on (03) 9630 8897 or email


Who can I contact?

For course and career information please contact the education and career advisors on the following details:


For student support or to speak with a trainer and assessor contact us on:


Please contact Fernwood Learning if you have any questions – we'd love to hear from you!

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