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Fernwood Learning, an associated company of Fernwood Fitness, are leaders in fitness training in Australia. Our industry links and ties put us in a prime position to deliver to you the most current and up to date industry information.

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Once qualified, improve your existing skills and increase your ongoing professional development by completing Continuing Education Programs. Inquire about the short courses available and how to maintain current certification.

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Fernwood Learning is focused on delivering quality certified training by experienced instructors. All of our courses are informative and our training staff are highly qualified and skilled to assist you with your studies.


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Fernwood Learning courses are flexible to suit a range of study styles and provide the flexibility to fit in with your lifestyle. The blended learning model employed by Fernwood Learning takes a certain fortitude and self-discipline so you’ll also grow a little, both personally and professionally, but rest assured Fernwood Learning are there to support you through your study. And, at Fernwood Learning, we make everything -- including our online classes -- highly interactive and engaging..


Kickstart your fitness career 

This Fernwood Learning eBook is an introductory guide to starting a career in the health and fitness industry. The eBook provides a snapshot of the industry, outlook, opportunities, trends and course options. It will also give you a taste of the knowledge you can develop when you decide to commence study with Fernwood Learning and launch your career in the fitness industry.


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Are you thinking of starting studying with Fernwood Learning but first would like a taste of what study will be like? Try our free online short course which covers the basics of exercise programming. Register via the button below.